Live Jiu-Jitsu Active Fundraising Projects

General Fund

You can donate to the general fund which will be used for many different social project needs.



Guardian Neighborhood Cleanup

Live Jiu Jitsu is partnering with Guardian for an after school job program.  The program will sponsor a student with a paid job to cleanup their neighborhood after school.

Higher Ground In-School Program

Higher Ground in Tucson, Arizona is implementing a jiu-jitsu program in schools for underpriivlidged youth.  Live Jiu Jitsu is partnering with higher ground to fund this program.

Project Gaditas Academy

Live Jiu Jitsu is partnering with the social project Gaditas in southern Brazil to build a new academy for underprivileged youth to be able to train jiu jitsu consistently.  This project will include the construction of a solid training room, mats, and uniforms.